Chat du Lain

custom crochet, cross stitch, and general craftiness located in Marietta, GA

Yarn and Cats and Cats and Yarn

Chat du Lain is the brainchild of Breanna Poteet McFarland, a lifelong crafter from rural Georgia. The idea for the name comes from her family's French roots and her love for historical clothing and craft. "Chat du Lain" can be loosely translated as "Cat of Yarn", or "Yarn Cat", and also pays homage to her orange tabby, Cooper, who can be found "helping" with projects. A chatelaine is also an object of historical womenswear whose use proceeded purses. It was a chain worn around women's waists or necks which functioned like a modern day keychain, holding sewing implements, pens and paper, and other ephemera of daily life.